Our next meeting will be the Autumn Meeting on the 25th October 2023 when our new Chairman, Ian Grainger, will give a talk titled 

“George Macaulay Trevelyan – a passion for walking in Northumberland and Italy."

George Macaulay Trevelyan (invariably known as G.M.Trevelyan) was one of Britain’s greatest historians of the first half of the twentieth century.  He spent much of his youth at his family’s estate at Wallington in Northumberland and in later life continued to visit there as well as having another property of his own at nearby Hallington.  He wrote extensively about British history but also, in his early years and with great success, about the Italian Risorgimento, particularly the life of Garibaldi.  He loved Italy and its people and in the First World War commanded a First Aid brigade in northern Italy: but with the advent of Fascism, his liberal and optimistic view of that country’s future was to be sadly disappointed.  Throughout his life Trevelyan attracted academic and public distinctions of all kinds and among many other fields, played a vital role in the expanding National Trust.  Ian Grainger will briefly review Trevelyan’s life and background before turning to the man’s life-long obsession with walking, not only in all parts of Britain (including of course, Northumberland and the Borders) but also in many parts of Italy.  He will illustrate the walking part of the talk by reading various short extracts from Trevelyan’s own passionate and often highly poetic descriptions of his compulsive need to walk. 


Over the years we've been incredibly fortunate to hear from a wonderful and varied selection of speakers. 

8th March 2023 - Professor Thomas Otte - Professor of Diplomatic History at the University of East Anglia, - 'Sir Edward Grey (Viscount Grey of Fallodon),'

12th October 2022 - Christopher Dorman O'Gowan - His time in the Forces, Northumberland and at the Criminal Bar.

9th March 2022 Philip Benham -  'Robert Stevenson - From Willington Quay to Westminster Abbey'

13th October 2021 - HHJ Ian Graham -  "The MPs for Berwick upon Tweed 1885-1973'

4th March 2020 - Sally O'Neill - Deputy Treasurer to Her Majesty the Queen.


27th November 2019 - David Watt

2nd October 2019 - Bill Muir - Quizzes on radio and television.

19th June 2019 - Simon Sefton - The London School of Economics.

13th March 2019 - Udo Marggraf - The World Bank.


10th October 2018 - Tim Bittlestone - Surprising Career Changes.


13th June 2018 Ian Cooper - International Travels.


7th March 2018. Professor Peter Styles. "Climate Change and Energy".


11th October 2017. David Boll on the life of Robert Surtees.


7th June 2017, HHJ Ian Graham, "Sir Edward Grey".


15th March 2017, Steve Hails, "The Thames Tideway Tunnel".


5th October 2017, Clive Osborne, "The Other Newcastle".


8th June 2016, Mark Skilbeck on the topic of the Yetholm Common Riding.

9th March 2016, The Rt Hon. Lord Shipley of Gosforth OBE

14th October 2015, Dean of Chelmsford   the Very  Reverend Nicholas  Hensall, Dean of Chelmsford ,”Tales of a Scotswood  Road Vicar”

10th June 2015, AGM John Wheatley “The Stephenson’s”

Guest Night 4th March 2015, Rt Hon Sir Alan Beith MP “ Life of the MP for Berwick Upon Tweed”

8th October 2014,Her Honour Judge Deborah Taylor, “Music in Prisons”

11th June 2014, AGM,John Entwisle,Reuters

Guest Night 12th March 2014, Vice Admiral Sir Neville Purvis KCB, “Vice Admiral Lord Collingwood”
16th October 2013, David Watt “Claw Hammer Coats, Newcastle Central O.S. Maps”

Ladies Night 5th April 2013, Colonel John Kimmins, “The Queens Messengers”

12th December 2012, Ian Johnson “Experiences in Indonesia”

3rd October 2012, David Boll, “Wartime Evacuation”

Ladies Night 16 March 2012, Michael Robson,” High Speed Rail in Europe”

Ladies Night 18 March 2011, Dr Gordon Thomas

Ladies Night 15 January 2010, Desmond Fitzpatrick

Ladies Night 9th January 2009, Laurence Sherman

10th December 2008, Colin Hindmarch "Biodiversity on Europe's far-flung outposts"

8th October 2008, David Barclay

9th April 2008, Mark Skilbeck

Ladies Night 11th January 2008, Eric Phillips

12th December 2007, David Watt

10th October 2007, Rt Hon Alan Beith MP

11th April 2007, Ian Johnson

7th February 2007, Trevor Hindson

Ladies Night 12th, January 2007, Sir Derek Wanless

13th December 2006, David Boll

8th February 2006, Chris Emmerson, “Selling Plastics to Hong Kong”

Ladies Night 13th January 2006, Gerald Clark

Ladies Night 14th January 2005, Dr Nicholas Wright

6th October 2004, Arthur Bell, “A Journey Through Texas”

Ladies Night 16th January 2004, John Entwisle  Ladies Night

Ladies Night17th January 2003, Bill Peters, “Antarctica”

2nd July 2003, Chris Dean, “Bewick”

20th February 2002, David Boll, “Japan Old and New”

21st March 2001, Derek Williams, “The Genius of Hadrian”

3rd October 2001, Michael Robson,” Railtrack the last year”

31st January 2001, R.L.Stewart, “Being a School Governor in the 21st Century”

Ladies Night 12th January 2001, David Boll,” A Childs Life in Northumbria”

7th December 2000, Bill Peters,” Living a Quiet Retired Life”

22nd March 2000 R.L.Stewart, “Changes in the Duties of Being a School Governor”

8th December 1999, Bill Bradbeer,” Genetically Modified Food”

6th October 1999, Chris Dean,” England’s Navigable Waterways”

7th July 1999, Derek Beattie, “Chile”

24th March 1999, George Hepburn, “The Northumberland Fund”

3rd February 1999, John Entwisle, “History of Reuters”

Ladies Night 22nd January 1999, Lord Walton of Detchant,

30th May 1998, 25th, Anniversary Dinner in Alnwick, Alan Willey