The Club

The inaugural meeting of the Northumbria took place on 15th March 1973 at  the Hanover Grand hotel in London.

The prime mover for the creation of the Northumbria Club and its first chairman was Richard Turley who was Chair of Architecture at Newcastle University. He also had practices in Newcastle and London.

The original club drew members from both Newcastle and London with meetings being held in both cities. London provided a venue for ex-pats living in the home counties and those from the north east visiting the metropolis on business.
Circa 1977 the old Northumberland and Durham Association in London ceased to function as support had dwindled. A number of members joined the Northumbria Club bringing with them memorabilia from the old Northumberland and Durham Association.

The London Club's first venue was the Royal Commonwealth Society appropriately  located on Northumberland Avenue this was followed by several years at St Stephens, the Merchant Navy Club and then the Civil Service Club before moving to our current venue of the National Liberal Club.​

The Newcastle and London branches gradually drifted apart with the Newcastle branch eventually disbanding.

The London branch celebrated its 25 years with a visit to Alnwick and a dinner in the White Swan hotel.


​The Northumbria Club provides an opportunity for those with a Northumbrian background or interest in Northumbria to meet socially. Meetings are held at least four times a year at venues including the National Liberal Club and the Army and Navy Club. .

Applications for membership may be made via the "contact us box".
Annual membership fees are as follows;

£5 for Country Members defined as those living more than 80 miles from London.
£20 for Members living within 80 miles of London.
£30 for joint membership living within 80 miles of London.

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